Bird Seed Mixes

Our quality nutritional bird seed mixes are all manufactured from quality seeds and grains and contain all necessary nutrients for your birds. Please see a full list of our available mixes and bag sizes below.

  • Budgie Mix 20kg
  • Canary Mix 20kg
  • Finch Mix 20kg
  • Parrot Mix 20kg
  • Small Parrot / Peachface Mix 20kg
  • Pigeon Mix 20kg
  • Wild Bird Mix 20kg
  • Sprouting Mix With Sorghum 20kg
  • Sprouting Mix Without Sorghum 20kg


Bird Seed Products

We stock a wide range of plain bird seeds all quality grains and specialised whole seed products available in a range of product sizes as show in the list below.

  • Canary 20kg
  • Jap Millet 20kg
  • Panicum 20kg
  • Red Panicum 20kg
  • White French Millet 20kg
  • Grey Stripe Sunflower 20kg
  • Hulled Oats 20kg, 25kg
  • Duffield Peas 20kg
  • Mung Beans 25kg
  • Pigeon Corn 20kg
  • Pigeon Wheat 20kg
  • Linseed 20kg
  • Rape 25kg
  • Safflower 20kg
  • Panorama 5kg