Allora Grain & Milling

Small Parrot / Peachface Mix (20kg Bag)

Direction for Use

Allora Grain & Milling Peachface Mix is appropriate to be fed to Peachfaces (Love Birds), Cockatiels and small parrots with the exception of hatchlings.

Ensure the birds have access to clean water at all times.

Provide green leafy lettuce or grass leaves as a minimum of once a week.


Clean, cool dry place.


Canary Seed, Panicum, Dehulled Oats (Groats), Safflower, Grey Stripe Sunflowers, White French Millet, and Jap Millet

Guaranteed Analysis

Minimum Crude Protein13%
Minimum Crude Fibre9%
Minimum ME MJ/kg15%
Minimum Fat9%
Minimum Starch38%
Minimum Sugar3%

Withholding period


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